BDSM/Leather Club

Bad Girls offers social and educational events that provide safe spaces for women and gender expansive* individuals to explore the BDSM/Leather lifestyle. 


Bad Girls hosts and supports multiple events, discussions, and educational classes within Portland and beyond throughout the year.


Bad Girls encourages individuals to join and learn with us in meeting others in the BDSM, kink, and Leather communities!


The club appreciates the compliance and support of our supporters and community members, especially through financial donation and sponsorship.

About Us

Bad Girls is a BDSM/Leather club for women and gender expansive* individuals who find home in women’s spaces. Bad Girls offers social and educational programming.

Bad Girls stands with the Black Lives Matter movement against racism and police brutality in the whitest city in the US, in a state with a uniquely racist history. We are following cues from Black community leaders, working to abolish the systems of white supremacy.  We don’t know how to ‘fix’ white supremacy; no one does. What we do know is that Leather culture has its traditions rooted in systems of oppression: policing and militaristic violence. What we do today is begin to unpack what that means to each of us as Leatherfolk. In the coming years we will be undertaking projects with club membership to help each of us create meaningful connections to Leather history and culture in a way that helps us continue to center the stories and experiences of Black and Brown Leatherfolk.

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