Bad Girls is the SM/Leather club for women in Portland. We offer workshops, discussion groups, socials, special events, play parties, and an online community.  A sense of belonging is important and we understand how difficult it is to find others of like mind.  With all the opportunities out there, we know that leather community with other women is still a rare and precious thing.  Your support of Bad Girls helps strengthen the community of leather women in Portland and beyond.

Members must be 18 or over and must self-identify as women. FTMs are welcome as Bad Girls members as long as they feel comfortable in women’s space and will be expected to transition out as appropriate. Our male friends can become Bad Girls members as Brothers.

Bad Girls is not a political organization, although we may support organizations that work for causes such as the defense of sexual freedom and the empowerment of women and sexual minorities.

What we offer:

We offer 6-8 educational workshops throughout the year, both as stand alone events and in conjunction with larger events. Topics address a range of interests and levels of experience. In February, August, and October, we combine workshops and play events. In April and December we host two stand-alone workshops. At HOWL in July, we offer workshops together with play and other social opportunities.

Discussion groups

We offer many opportunities for women to discuss issues related to BDSM, such as the monthly Full Moon Friday discussions, open to all self-identified women. For members, we also offer the discussion groups submersion, DOM, and Switch.

Bad Girls Munch

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30 pm, we sponsor an opportunity for kinky and questioning women of all orientations and interests to meet in a safe public space.


The club sponsors two fundraisers yearly from which 100% of funds raised go to our chosen charity. Currently, we produce the Down-N-Dirty party in the spring and pair with Inferno in the fall.

Play Parties

We sponsor play parties throughout the year. The Sinsations Sampler and Women-Only party is fourth Saturday in February. HOWL is an overnight education, social, and party event on the third weekend in July. On the opening Friday of Oregon Leather Pride, show your pride at the Leather Sabbath Queer Party and workshop. To round out the year of party events, we throw a workshop/party combination on the weekend before Halloween.

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