Bad Girls is an SM/Leather club for women. Based in Portland, Oregon, we sponsor educational and social gatherings, special events, and play parties. Your participation in Bad Girls events helps strengthen the community of leather women in Portland and beyond.

We publicize our events to the public via Facebook, FetLife, and our own email list. (You may sign up using the link in the sidebar, and un-subscribe using the link in each message.)

It is not necessary to join Bad Girls to participate in the events listed on this web site, but membership allows a deeper sense of community and participation, including use of a private email list and certain focused discussions.

Bad Girls is not a political organization, although we may support organizations that work for causes such as the defense of sexual freedom and the empowerment of women and sexual minorities.


You are invited to decide whether our events are for you:

From our Policies & Procedures document: We welcome self-identified women 18 and over of all sexual orientations as club members. BDSM includes, but is not limited to, the practices of bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominance and submission, role-play, and fetishism. Bad Girls uses a broad definition for self-identified women to be inclusive of cisgender, transgender, and intersex women, along with gender expansive individuals who find home within women’s spaces. This can include gender non-conforming, agender, two-spirit, butch, femme, and many other identities.

An expanded definition of the term “gender expansive” can be found in the gender statement of the WFTDA. Although most of our events are offered to people who self-identify as described above, we occasionally we offer events that also welcome “everyone who identifies as queer”, which are publicized accordingly.

For ASL interpretation, please let us know 14 days in advance that you are planning to attend, so that we can ensure an interpreter is present.


What we offer:

Workshop / Play Parties

Recently we have been offering four educational workshops for all self-identified women each year, followed by a play party. Topics address a range of interests and levels of experience. In August our party is in conjunction with Oregon Leather Pride and is open to people of all genders. Occasionally we will have additional stand-alone educational events.

Public Discussions

Our primary in-person facilitated discussion is the monthly Third Friday meetup at Bare Bones Cafe, open to all self-identified women. These occur in all months except August and December.

Kinky Women’s Munch

Each month we sponsor an opportunity for kinky and questioning women of all orientations and interests to meet in a safe public space. These events are on the second Tuesday of each month, from 7 to 9 pm at Escape Bar and Grill. In June and July, our location is the Portland Mercado.


The club sponsors at least two fundraisers yearly, from which 100% of funds raised go to our chosen charity. Voting members choose a different charity each year. Our charity for 2019 is Outside In.

Two of our annual fundraisers include a “Down & Dirty” fundraiser that combines a live stage show with an auction, and a joint bingo night with Bad Girls and Dykes on Bikes Portland Chapter.

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