Bad Girls is a BDSM/Leather club for women and gender expansive* individuals who find home in women’s spaces. Bad Girls offers social and educational programming. 

BDSM includes, but is not limited to, the consensual practices of bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominance and submission, role-play, power exchange, and fetishism. Leather culture is a living construct that is different for each person, overlaps may contain respect, honor, integrity, commitment, safety, community, and fun. This can include relational activities involving the creation, wearing, use of, and caring for leather and leather-like garments and tools/toys.

We publicize our events to the public via Facebook, FetLife, and our own email list. (Sign up using the link in the sidebar, and unsubscribe using the link in each message.)

It is not necessary to join Bad Girls to participate in the events listed on this web site, but membership allows a deeper sense of community and participation, including access to private chat, email lists, and Special Interest Groups on topics within BDSM/Leather.

* An expanded definition of the term “gender expansive” can be found in the gender statement of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

You are invited to decide whether our events are for you:

Bad Girls uses broad definitions of gender for our members and event participants. Our definition of women is inclusive of, but not limited to, cisgender, transgender, and intersex women. When we say gender expansive individuals this is inclusive of, but not limited to, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, agender, bigender, two-spirit, butch, femme, and many other identities. Bad Girls welcomes club members and participants 18 and over of all sexual orientations.

Although most of our events are offered to people who self-identify as described above, we occasionally we offer events that also welcome “everyone who identifies as queer”, which are publicized accordingly.

For ASL interpretation, please let us know 14 days in advance that you are planning to attend, so that we can ensure an interpreter is present.

What we offer:

Bad Girls offers workshops, discussions, social, and fundraising events that provide safer spaces for women and gender expansive individuals to explore the BDSM/Leather lifestyle. We ask that attendees and participants maintain strict confidentiality surrounding the conversations and activities at Bad Girls events. 

Learn more about Bad Girls programming, we’d love to see you at an event soon!

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